Eskom | South Africa's Utility Giant

This dedicated to the humour that this utility company has unfortunately generated by their inability to generate. No other service in the world puts this much effort into persuading their customers not to use their product. Work that out.
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There is no crisis!

ANC turns anti-West, declares US stance on China, Russia a Cold War

Eskom | Last one switch off the lights

How SA's top cartoonist sees the revolving door of Eskom executives.


Controlling your anger is not a difficult task. However, to do it right, you have to practice a few things regularly.

Eskom's Huge Price Hike

Eskom's Huge Price Hike

Stage 1 load shedding Eskom

ANC’s big lie about electricity in South Africa: A new report reveals how the ANC government forbade Eskom from building new power stations while South Africa was running out of electricity

How things have changed

How things have changed

Nkandla gets more money and attention by the ruling party than fixing Eskom

Zapiro: Nkandla: What about the threats from the inside?

Load shedding

Zapiro - Zapiro's Own Frustration with Load Shedding published in Sunday Times on 24 May 2015