cape town past

Collection by Craig Ernstzen

Craig Ernstzen
Chapmans peak drive 1949

Chapmans peak drive 1949

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O.K. Bazaars Adderley Street - 1953

O.K. Bazaars Adderley street 1953.

Last minute Christmas shoppers. Photo by kind permission of fellow flickr member expom2uk. see more of his photos at;

Spotty dog - 1964

Spotty dog roadhouse 1964

Older Cape Town folk will remember this roadhouse on Main Rd,Retreat. Photo Pat Chesney

Cinerama, Rosebank - 1982

Cinerama, Rosebank 1982.

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3 Arts Theatre, Plumstead - 1969

3 Arts Theatre, Plumstead 1969.

Going there in '69 was a 'jaw dropping experience'...Parking attendants,imposing foyer,plush carpeting,great acoustics and 3000 seater auditorium...........C.T. has never seen something like this.Some of the Stars I saw there; Tom Jones,Engelbert Humperdink,Rolf Harris, Lucille Starr and Suzi Quattro...unforgettable!

Main Road, Wynberg - c1900

Main Rd.Wynberg c1900.

This remarkable shot lends it self to enlargement as can be seen in the following two images.

Civic Centre under construction - 1975

Civic Centre under construction 1975

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Main Road, Claremont - c1980

Main Rd. Claremont

This photo dates from 1980. (photo Ray Ryan)

The Cape Doctor

The Cape Doctor

If you live in Cape Town, you know the "Cape Doctor."This south-easterly wind is a regular visitor during the summer months, and is also responsible for the famous "cloth" over Table Mountain. At times when it really blows it is referred to as the "Black South-easter", and can reach gusts of up to 140 Km/h as demonstrated here on the foreshore.(Photo The Argus)

Vineyard Hotel,Newlands - 1968

Vineyard Hotel,Newlands 1968

One of Cape Town's best.

Athlone power station - 1958

Athlone power station 1958.

Number 1 cooling tower starting to take shape.

Disa Park - 1980

Disa Park in 1980

One of the Mother city's beacons (Photo Ray Ryan)

Wynberg station - 1900.

Wynberg station 1900.

Photo; Thanks to fellow flickr member emmyeustace for the use. See her sets for more historic South African images here ;

Nico Malan (now Artscape) foyer - 1974

Nico Malan foyer 1974.

The Nico (now Artscape) was opened on 19 May 1971 and still provides C.T. with a world class centre for the performing arts.