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Charmaine Pepler

Charmaine Pepler
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René van den Berg - Vickey

Vickey René van den Berg, Victoria Koblenko Victoria Koblenko by René van den Berg Material: leather and metal key Photo by René van den Berg

Steve Apeah - Ice cream pump

A pair of court shoes with heels made of real ice cones (stiffened by a special procedure using synthetic resin same as for surf boards). Winner of the Award for the Crazy Shoe 2011 in Vienna.

Steve Apeah - Ice Cream Pump

These melted ice cream cone pumps by Steve Apeah were winners of the Award for Crazy Shoe 2011 in Vienna. They are made with actual ice cream cones stiffened with resin

Luigi Bona - Marilyn Monroe (glass shoe)

Luigi Bona transforms glass bottles of Coca Cola, a real icon of our time, into elegant shoe sculptures. Part of the Starker Auftritt shoe exhibition.

Kobi Levi - Swan

The Israeli designer Kobi Levi has transformed the ordinary high heel into an extraordinary swan’s head – a striking example from his bird collection.

Kobi Levi - Orca

kobi levi orca collection - The Orca collection by Kobi Levi is full of incredible creations. Both the female and male versions of the shoe use the same combination of black a.