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a fish made out of stained glass on a black background with blue and orange colors
Evening Swim
Kathy Manzella Evening Swim 8" x 12" stained glass Millefiori Fire, Earth, Water, and Air Juried Exhibition Ciel Gallery, Charlotte May 2011:
a painting of a tree with orange leaves
Debra D'Souza — Riverwood Art and Frame LLC
Skyward Birch - Autumn 48" x 18" - Mosaic by Debra D'Souza
an artistic mosaic design on the side of a building in green and blue colors with black background
Mosaic GLF107X by JulieEdmunds-Mosaic on DeviantArt
Mosaic GLF107X by JulieEdmunds-Mosaic on deviantART
the door is made out of plastic bottle caps and has a rainbow painted on it
Crafty recycling idea using plastic bottle caps
I have seen some amazing ways to recycle plastic bottle caps, but I do love this idea that uses recycled plastic bottle caps to make a ...
there is a multicolored painting with circles on it
Hello Summer!
Plastic bottle top mural. Probably pinned this before but I still love it! Gloucestershire Resource Centre
a person holding up a stained glass plate
Mosaic Sun Mandala
Mosaic Sun Mandala by Moonjewelsandmosaics on Etsy, $175.00
an art piece made out of glass and pebbles with flowers on the outside, surrounded by plants
an abstract painting made up of many different colors and shapes, including the shape of a wave
Kinetic Mosaic Art
Detail of "Aqua Forte", my very first sculptural mosaic created for the 1st International Symposium for Contemporary Mosaics in Clauiano, Italy
a large dragonfly sitting on top of a mosaic floor
30 Mosaic Design Ideas To Give Your Home Some Character - Guiding Home
Stone mosiac garden dragonfly
a mosaic tile wall with a tree on it
Ennis Fireplace - Frank Lloyd Wright
a stained glass sun catcher in the shape of a circle on top of a tree
Glass mosaic on a clear glass base, brilliant for a stained glass window alternative!
an octopus mosaic is shown on the screen
Dan Chudzinski - Google Search
a bathroom with a colorful tile floor and shower stall, next to a red door
Mosaic Art Bathroom | Big Bang Mosaics
AMAZING!!!! Cynthia Fisher, Big Bang Mosaics