Never, ever, ever buy tortillas again. they are way easy, and cheap to make at home!

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Flour Tortillas: I've tried other flour tortilla recipes before, and I enjoyed this one the most. The tortillas were pliable and not greasy (even though I used lard!

DIY UTILITY BUCKET OTTOMAN - detailed tutorial!

DIY Utility Bucket Ottoman, could use all sorts of buckets or tubs etc.


25 Gorgeous DIY Necklaces Tutorials

Creative Handmade: diy statement necklace craft diy jewelry craft jewelry craft necklace diy necklace diy fashion Free Jewelry D-Y-I Project Information www.own-craft-bus. Free Edible Crafts how to books ediblecraftsonlin.

Painted Rocks by Erik Abel | Abel Arts

Painted Rocks by Erik Abel SBG pin of the day! River pebbles go ultra modern with a little black paint! Holiday gift everyone can afford. If you absolutely love arts and crafts a person will appreciate this info!

Don't know much about South African food? You will after this story.

This article has everything you need to know about delicious South African cuisine!

Boerebeskuit: Literally meaning "farmers rusks", a South African food legacy from the Voortrekkers’ nomadic way of life.

Rusks is the anglicized term for (Afrikaans: beskuit) and is a traditional Afrikaner breakfast meal or snack. They have been dried in South Africa since the late as way of preserving bread, especially when travelling long distances without refrigeration

Manila Spoon: Frikkadels - South African Braised Meatballs

Frikkadel - Delicious South African Braised Meatballs

Manila Spoon: Frikadelles - South African Braised Meatballs - slowly simmered in a creamy Coconut Tomato sauce - these meatballs totally delicious! Always a big favorite!