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Tell me again that I can't have morals without god.

Ariel Castro pleads not guilty a second time to hundreds of charges, including aggravated murder in the death of unborn baby - NRL News Today

ISIS Explained...

Fuck you Devils, over and over in hell. You are rotten people. Go back to your shit hole of a country. And get the hell out of ours.

The Muslim Rape Jihad In Sweden Continues - In Stockholm, muslim immigrants raped over 300 Swedish children in seven months of 2013. Over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by muslim immigrants in Stockholm alone, and over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.

SWEDEN’S SOARING CHILD RAPE WAVE: rapes by Muslims were reported in Stockholm during just the first seven seven months of 300 of them involved girls under Islam vs Europe The …

.Peaceful Islam.

Truth about Islam. Read Quran & Authentic Hadiths: Religion of peace is a LIE! Quran is a war guide: No peace until Every Human submits to Islam. No tolerance for Intolerant Islam

38 Muslim Men Gang Rape 15 Year Old Girl for Several Hours | When muslim men rape they are extremely brutal as you can see in this photo. It is a miracle she survived. Traumatized for life by subhuman savages. this is that peaceful religion josh earnest spoke of today, 1/12/'15, when speaking about paris murderers.

38 muslim men gang rape 15 year old Malaysian girl for several hours. When muslim men rape they are extremely brutal as you can see in this photo.


Not to mention they want to start covering people to have sex changes because they see it as a disability!

I always saw his disrespecting the military in this pic. But I never noticed the MUSLIM flag next to ours? Until a pinner pointed that out...Why is this legal and a Christian flag would be forbidden?? In the past regular folks would be up in arms, demonstrating etc.

President Obama checks the need for an umbrella held by a U. Marine during joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in Washington