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March kanzashi for senior maiko (worn here by Chizu)

March kanzashi for senior maiko (worn here by Chizu)

November kanzashi (worn by Mamehana)

Kogai/Kanzashi are hair ornaments that are put in traditional Japanese hairstyles. Each piece can be made from a wide range of materials. The hair ornaments are unique and everyone's differ from each other


June and the rainy season. The kanzashi flowers for this month are weeping willows and hydrangea

Kanzashi: A Hair Ornament Vital to Kimono and Apprentice Geisha & Maiko

When wearing kimono or yukata, the classic kanzashi hair ornament is absolutely indispensible, not just for its fashion virtues but also for the significance

つまみかんざし の画像|かんざし・べっ甲・髪飾り・帯留・和装小物の専門店|銀座かなめ屋三代目のブログ

つまみかんざし の画像|かんざし・べっ甲・髪飾り・帯留・和装小物の専門店|銀座かなめ屋三代目のブログ

Sadie's Kanzashi Blog: August 2012

This is wisteria kanzashi (hair stick), the type make (kyoto apprentice geisha) wear in may. The petals are folded fabric (a polyester cotton blend). The top half is glued to wire to give it shape .