South African style creamed spinach

Try this recipe for creamed spinach. No one makes South African Creamed Spinach like we do! (Creme Fraische please!

South African Traditional Koeksisters- gooey, sweet and very sticky - crisp on the outside and tender inside.

Traditional Koeksisters

South African Traditional Koeksisters (Twisted Sisters) — Gooey, sweet and very sticky - crisp on the outside and tender inside.

Lamb shank potjie

The perfect lamb shank potjie recipe with Checkers' Certified Natural Lamb which is free-range, free of antibiotics and free of added hormones.

Mealie-pap tart

Make sure you have an authentic South African side on Braai (BBQ) Day with this more-ish mielie pap tart recipe.

Traditional samp and beans

Traditional samp and beans (South African hominy with beans) Read Recipe by foodieslove

Lamb Potjie

Lamb potjie

A lamb potjie can be made with whole shanks, neck chops or any other pieces marked for stewing. Lamb potjie: www.

In en om die huis: Rooibostee-Koeldrank

Growing your own Ginger Beer Plant and then making your own alcoholic Ginger Beer is easier than you might think. This article explains in detail how to go about it and what results you can expect to achieve.


Gemmerbier, Wat is die langpad see toe nou sonder lekker padkos? Tannie Poppie se padkos-resepte is perfek vir die lang, honger ure op die pad.

A South African who has moved to France, breaks down her vetkoek recipe. Great blog too! :)

Mariaan’s “vetkoek”…. for apples and thyme…

Slaphakskeentjies (Cape onion salad) | Rainbow Cooking Cook 12 small pickling onions to just done. Peel onions, taking care to keep them whole. Heat 1/2c water, 1/4c vinegar, 1/4c sugar, 1t mustard and 1t salt, till sugar dissolves. Boil 5 min. Cool. Whisk egg. Mix spoon mustard with to egg, then add back. To thicken slowly bring to boil over low heat while whisking,  If you heat it too fast, the egg will separate. Pour hot mix over onions. Cool well. Serve cold with cold meats / leg of…

Ingredients 12 small pickling onions cup water cup wine vinegar cups sugar teaspoon mustard powder or 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard teaspoon salt 1 egg, whisked Method Pe