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the garden art projects book is shown in many different pictures and sizes, including an assortment of
12 Creative & Frugal Garden Art Project Tutorials — Empress of Dirt
Best DIY Garden Projects !
a small tree is growing out of a potted plant in the dirt near some rocks
How to Grow Cuttings from Established Plants: Easy Methods
How to grow cuttings from established plants. Includes a list of perennials, shrubs, trees and vines.
an image of a garden with text overlay that reads use epsom salt for a healthy garden
20+ Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas
Epsom salts in the soil for tomatoes and peppers. Add a Tablespoon or so in the soil when first planting and then sprinkle more into the soil when mature.
some small pots with plants in them and the words smart gardening hacks that save you money
23 Cheap And Easy Tricks Every Gardener Should Know
grow green without spending a lot of green
several plastic containers filled with small plants
what are fall /winter seed to start now
Inexpensive Mini Greenhouses - These worked PHENOMENALLY for seed starting this year. It was nice to be able to easily carry them all in when there was a frost warning. I kept the lids on during the day to keep heat/moisture in.
several trays of food sitting on top of a counter next to a blender
Inexpensive Seed Starting Method. Large plastic bin with christmas lights buried in sand for warmth and a cheap clamp light.
there are many different types of plants in the garden
Modernize Your Garden - How to Grow Bamboo
DIY - How To Grow Bamboo & Modernize Your Landscaping!
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers
Path through the spring upper garden(May 22)
So pretty ....
a large tree stump with flowers growing out of it's sides in a garden
Tree-Stump Planter love this so pretty
a wooden box filled with lots of succulents on top of a table
In treasure chests.
In treasure chests. | 32 Reasons Succulents Are The Best PlantsEver
a close up of a flower in a pot
Kalanchoe 'fedtschenkoi' - Jodie Wong
some very pretty green plants in the dirt
Classy Groundcovers - Quality Ground Cover Plants
Sedum Lemon Ball
small green and white flowers growing out of the ground
Succulent School: 10 Hardy & Stylish Succulents For Home
Succulent School: 10 Hardy
an assortment of succulents growing in a garden
Succulent garden vignettes - Eclectic - Landscape - San Diego - by Debra Lee Baldwin | Houzz
Kalanchoe luciae (paddle plant) and blue Echeveria imbricata at Oasis Water Efficient Gardens nursery, Escondido