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Jelly bean theme

Peachy Keen Jellybean: all the cute and creative ways to use jellybeans at parties and events – as decor, as favors and of course, as treats for the guests!

Jelly Bean Chicks

These adorable jellybean chicks are the perfect kid& craft for Easter. These sweet ducklings make great gifts and are perfect as holiday placeholders!

jelly bean monogram

Jelly Bean Door Decor - Paint a paper-mache letter using acrylic paint that matches the color of the jelly beans. Let the paint dry. Hot glue the jelly beans to the front of the letter. Let dry. Hot glue a ribbon to the back for a hanging loop.

Jelly Bean Candle

Jelly bean candles are seasonally festive and glow like stained glass when lit. The candles are easy to make with a few basic candle making supplies…. Jelly bean candles are…

jelly bean cake

Carved from a pound cake and decorated with orange jelly beans. Cutest Carrot Cake for Easter

Jelly bean eggs

Celebrate Easter with the Jolly Rancher mosaic Easter egg craft from HERSHEY’S. Turn the sweet, tangy candy into a craft! Visit for more Easter crafts, recipes and ideas.

Jelly Bean Pizza

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. FUN idea for Easter or a birthday party or just because it looks to fun and colorful!