Kalkbay, Cape Town

Whenever Cape Town starts to feel too much like a city, I take Brandy for a walk in Kalk Bay.

Bo-Kaap in Cape Town is also known for its Muslim community. Bo-Kaap is a rich mix of different cultures. It's worth taking a guided tour

Bo-Kaap the exotic part of Cape Town, South Africa. Enjoy a Cape Malaly cooking safari or participate on a guided walking tour and discover hidden secrets.

Noordhoek, Cape Town

Top Places to be in Noordhoek – Cape Town Tourism

District 6 Museum, Cape Town. A small museum in downtown Cape Town that highlights the history of a neighbourhood in the city whose occupants were forcibly removed during apartheid to make way for a "white-only" zone.

Visited District Six Cape Town Apartheid Museum, Cape Town, South Africa.

in the Bo Kaap neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa

Originally the home of slaves imported to the Cape of Good Hope during the and centuries from Malaysia, Indonesia and various Afr.

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