Arabian cuisine – Halal food

Lebanese Cuisine The Lebanese cuisine is the place where you can taste all the goodness the Middle East has to offer. Foods are generally Mediterranean, high on vegetables, little meat and full of flavors.

Belgium – The meeting point of Latin and German foods

Belgium The meeting point of Latin and German foods foods food

Chinese cuisine from Malaysia

Authentic Cantonese Dim Sum at Mouth Restaurant. Expect to have only the finest handmade Hong Kong Dim Sum and authentic Cantonese cuisine :)

Tunisian Cuisine

Harissa is a spicy paste that is used as a condiment in Northern African cuisine. I was first introduced to harissa when I was in elementary school.

Slovenia – Influences from everywhere

Slovenian cuisine is a beautiful mix between Mediterranean, Alpine and Balkan foods.

Indian and Nyonya cuisine from Malaysia

Fried dough pancakes with a curry dip. Roti prata is the Singaporean evolution of the Pakistani and Indian paratha, a pancake bread.

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