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a book cover with an abstract design on it
Algorithmic Modelling with Grasshopper by Mohamad Khabazi
Mohamad Khabazi, architecture student in London, at the Architectural Association (AA), has published an on-line book of his design experiments in architecture called ‘Algorithmic Modelling with Grasshopper’
OE Quasi • Louis Poulsen
Launch of the OE Quasi light at Milan Design Week • Designed by Olafur Eliasson • #oequasilight #olafureliasson #louispoulsen #designtoshapelight #salonedelmobile #milandesignweek #salonedelmobile2019
an intricately designed ceiling with red and white accents
Whale Eye
Damien Hirst: Whale Eye, 2012 Scalpel blades, Hammerite paint, metallic paint and household gloss on canvas
an art installation in a white room with red and black rugs on the floor
carpet pattern skyscraper sculptures by babak golkar
carpet pattern extrusions by babak golkar
an artistic sculpture made out of blue wire on the beach with sand and trees in the background
DXBDW: Design in Dubai
DXBDW: Design in Dubai \\\ Designers, artists and architects created 12 installations for the inaugural Dubai Design Week to put the city on the map as a global design destination. \\\ Dubai-based designer Aljoud Lootah drew inspiration from nets used by local fishermen for centuries to create Yarooof.
three different views of an art installation with white and black paint on the floor, one is
Organic Creatures Crafted from Plastic Cable Ties by Sui Park — Colossal
Just some interesting bacteria cells that could possibly help add some creepy vibes to the whole magic disease concept. I especially love the small hairs sticking out and creating this "sticky" feeling.
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a table
Works currently for sale.
Andi Regan Art
a white and orange object with lots of sticks sticking out of it's center
“Loved this wall sculpture made from plastic cable ties by Andi Regan at the WOW museum in Nelson. #weebirdyinnz”
four books with different pictures on them and the words from where i stand written in gold
Crafting and Diecut Supplies and Products | Crafting and Diecut Products
beautiful work! Vanessa Perry - Big Sur Big Ten album