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Applique is an ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck on to a larger piece to form a picture or pattern.

Threads n Scissors

TS413 - Organza Applique Flowers (2)

Organza Applique Flowers for the 5"x7" embroidery hoop

TS414 - Organza Applique Birds (2)

Organza Applique Birds for the 5"x7" embroidery hoop.

TS415 - Organza Applique Girl Angels (2)

Organza Applique Girl Angels for the 5"x7" embroidery hoop.

TS416 - Organza Applique Boy Angels (2)

Organza Applique Boy Angels for the 5"x7" embroidery hoop.

TS417 - Organza Applique Butterflies (2)

Organza Applique Butterflies for the 5"x7" embroidery hoop.

TS884 - Cute Dinos Applique

The Frayed Edge Applique Technique is super quick and easy. There's no satin stitch edging on the design giving it a low stitch count. Now you can create quilts in next to no time with this easy Frayed Edge Applique Technique!!!