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the solar system with eight planets and their names on it, as well as an info sheet
Truth Beckons
Cool facts...
an activity sheet for students to make a planet with pictures and text on the page
Make a Planet | Worksheet |
Worksheets: Make a Planet
the solar system coloring page with planets and sun for kids to print out on their own
Printable Solar System Coloring Sheets for Kids!
astronomy beltloop - draw (color, cut and paste) a model of the solar system
a poster with different types of people on it and the words do you want to be an astronaut?
Preschool Practicality
Do you want to be an astronaut? Circle Time activities for your space unit!
the planets and their names are shown in this printable worksheet for kids
Jennifer Findley
This is a 6 page packet on space and planets.This packet contains the following:A sort activity requiring the students to match the planet wi...
an image of a poem with planets on it
PINTERESTing! Solar System
a printable worksheet for students to practice spelling and writing the word if i went to space, i would bring
the new planet is discovered worksheet for students to practice their science and technology skills
August Writing Prompts - Planning Playtime
August Writing Prompts - Informative: The New Planet I Discovered.