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Home-made vermicomposter, 2-3 layers with worm tea collector

A simple graphic on creating a layered worm farm. Home-made vermicomposter, layers with spigot.

5 reasons to grow amazing Triple Crown Thornless Blackberries- just a few plants will keep you in berries for many weeks, plus extra to freeze!

So What Are The Easiest Vegetables to Grow? Swiss chard is one of the easiest vegetable to grow and is delicious in a salad or steamed or boiled as a side dish.

How to Grow Microgreens | Home for the Harvest

Microgreens add homegrown, nutrient-rich greens to smoothies, salads, and pastas. Learning how to grow microgreens is easy!

Micro Greens

Cahaba Clubs sells the freshest hydroponic micro-greens, micro-herbs, micro-vegetables, exotic tiny greens, tiny lettuces and a variety of pea shoots. All of our products are grown using practical hydroponics.

Your Home Garden Microgreens List

Your Home Garden Microgreens List Also a good guide for emerging seedlings in your garden