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a building made out of logs and other items in front of a brick wall with ivy growing on it
several pine cones in a green basket on the side of a brick wall surrounded by ivy
Garden Wildlife - Building a Bug House for the Garden
a bird house made out of bricks and wood
Ann's allotment & gardening jobs - June - Dobies Blog
a pile of bricks sitting next to a building
an old hut with lots of bees and other things on the shelves in front of it
"Le jardin des Dietzs"
Hôtel pour insectes
a house made out of wood with lots of different things on the outside and inside
vague à l'âme
a garden filled with lots of green plants next to a wooden birdhouse on top of a fence
Insect hotel community garden
Large insect hotel at Turlin Moore Community Garden.
a pile of wood sitting in the middle of a forest
a bird house made out of wood and wire with lots of items in the inside
there is a garden sculpture made out of logs