We’re so excited to announce the addition of 3 new events to the Mudderella 2014 calendar, with another on its way soon! More Mudderella means more chances to Own Your Strong, more mud, new obstacles, and incredible teammates.


Walk, jog, run or wobble your way around in your inflatable sumo suit!

fun run obstacles, mud run, xrunner extreme running

fun run obstacles, mud run, xrunner extreme running

400 435 Llanberis Path

Find out more about the six official walking routes up Snowdon


The Gorilla Organization presents the annual London Great Gorilla Run to save gorillas from extinction - September 2015

Bubble Rush

Paradoxically messy and clean, splash around a course filled with bubbles.   Copy and paste the above, the other links attached don't work properly

Clean Eating and Fitness: Start to Finish Step Set goal!



Supernova Run London Supernova Run

London Supernova Run - Olympic Park March 2018

The Color Run 2017 | NSPCC

I have teamed up with Skittles to offer five winners and their friends the chance to take part in the original, happiest and…

Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course

Get ready to experience the ultimate inflatable obstacle run in the UK. The course is packed with the some of the largest and most extreme inflatable obstacles ever created.