Nicola-Jayne Coetzee

Nicola-Jayne Coetzee

Nicola-Jayne Coetzee
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DIY Concrete Planter From An Old Towel Or A Fleece Blanket

Cement Rag Planters - painted with Rustoleum indoor/outdoor paint and sealed with Seal Krete multipurpose. Thicker, more absorbent towels/fleece make sturdier planters.

Large Sally Anne sheets. Round ones around big balloons with a wooden piece on top of balloon to make a flat spot. Paired with birch stump planters.

Make cement cloth planters. Approximately a water/cement ratio. Add drainage holes in the planter before it completely hardens to prevent cracking. You may also want to apply a couple coats of cement sealer after the planter is dry.

cement towel pots - drape over pots to dry

cement towel pots - soak an old cloth in cement, drape over pots to dry, paint it, and you have very interesting flower/plant pots.