Fresh Homemade Mozzarella cheese – In 30 Minutes » The Homestead Survival

Check out this cool Mozzarella recipe! Make it at home, enjoy it anywhere :) "Homemade 30 Minute Mozzarella Cheese Recipe - Bonus ricotta cheese @ Common Sense Homesteading

Ever wanted to make mayo, but were scared?  Give this a try!

30 Second Homemade Mayo from A Lazy Girl - Make this well-loved condiment at home with this super simple recipe!(Paleo Mayonaise How To Make)

South African Kerrie-boontjies (pickled curry beans)

Delicious "Kerrie-boontjies" (pickled curry beans) will show you a new way to say "yes please" to your greens!

Recipe / How to make biltong chili bites / sticks (stokkies) at home.

How to make your own delicious spicy biltong chili bites (peri-peri sticks) at home. Easy quick recipe for a South African Favorite!

Kondensmelk Mosterd | – Kook en Geniet saam met Ons!

Tuisgemaakte Kondensmelk Mosterd 1 blikkie kondensmelk, bruin asyn, teelepels gelykvol mosterd poeier * meng goed en laat staan oornag lekker op n stukkie vark of koue lamsboud , beestong…

Tuisgemaakte gouestroop | – Kook en Geniet saam met Ons!

Tuisgemaakte gouestroop | – Kook en Geniet saam met Ons!

Tuigemaakte kondensmelk | – Kook en Geniet saam met Ons!

liter melk koeksoda suiker sout Voeg alle bestanddele bymekaar en roer oor lae hitte totdat die suiker opgelos is. Kook stadig totdat die melk soos dik room begin lyk.

Appelkooskonfyt | – Kook met Nostalgie

250 ml fyn appelkooskonfyt ml sout ml rooipeper ml fyn gemmer 190 ml witasyn Meng die eerste 4 bestanddele goed saam en roer die asyn by volgens smaak. Kook dit tot dit dik genoeg is.

Guacamole | Vegetarian Recipes | Jamie Oliver

Classic guacamole

Classic guacamole “Super-quick and easy, this guacamole recipe is delicious with fajitas, quesadillas, dolloped into a wrap or served as a snack with crunchy veggies