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When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top. You will get to the top! Stay focused on your dream :-)


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ha my brother is a marine. He is half Greek with Spartan blood! They called him this at basic!

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So sweet! My husband carried a picture of me in his helmet the entire time he was in Afganistan. Melted my heart!

'The Templars - History & Myth' by Michael Haag - curious about the book? -> click on the cover to download a sample of the first 10% as ebook

“The battle of Montgisard had been a great victory and it saved the Kingdom of Jerusalem for the moment, but it did not alter the fundamental situation” (p.

We all need Jesus - Amen to that! Thank You, Jesus - please come into my life and change me from the inside out! You are the Great Physician - please heal me!