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3 Ways to Curl Dreadlocks

Learn from professional natural hairstylist Kim. How to curl your locs and the best products to use on your locs. Please watch in high quality.

by @patience_edet “Curls STILL poppin… lol. For those who wanted to know how I got my curls from the last pic, I used blue perm rods. These are the same curls but a little looser.  #locs #curls...

Last year, we shared 10 of the Most Stunning (Loose) Natural Hair Pictorials, and we recently celebrated the beauty of faux locs (although not everyone was feeling that). So here, finally, are ten …

Makeup Brush 101! Oh my gosh, where has this pin been all my life?!♥

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How to Contour Your Eyes #coupon code nicesup123 gets 25% off at and

Did you know that eye shadow provides the easiest way to accentuate and even alter the eye shape? It is basically another tool for contouring. Find out how to contour like a pro!

A bold eyebrow isn’t only on trend, it automatically helps you look more pulled together – and it’s easy to do! STEP Brush eyebrow hair upwards with an eyebrow brush or spoolie. STEP Use a brow powder or pencil to define the lines.

Here's a basic step-by-step chart on how to actually do your eyebrows.

The ticket to a complete beauty look comes with expertly-shaped brows, and the Sigma Brow Expert Kit is our definite go-to!

Eyebrows are ruling the world of beauty, and the bigger the better! There are many different types of brow shapes, so whether your brows are curved, straight or have a high arch, our guide will help you fin out what your brows are saying about you.

Your eyebrows say more about you than you think they do. A guide to what you're preferred eyebrow shape really means.