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Kenyan slums
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Economist's View: Kenya's Kibera Slum

The International Reporting Project took us to the Kibera slum today, everyone here says it's the largest slum in the world (though Wikipedia says it's third), and we heard presentations from youth groups, Doctors Without Borders, and others. We also...

Electrifying Africa-- gas boom and failing renewables
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Electrifying Africa-But at What Cost to Africans? - FPIF

As children throughout the United States head back to school, it’s a good time to remember that schoolchildren throughout Africa often attend schools with no electricity. In areas that do have the utility, frequent power outages are a constant reminder of the need for dependable access to electricity. In June, U.S. policymakers announced two initiatives... Read more »

Land grab in Uganda : Evicted people
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Ugandan farmer: 'My land gave me everything. Now I'm one of the poorest'

Land tenure in Uganda is a subject of much dispute, and last year's farming evictions have left 20,000 homeless

Witness: A Boy's Mining Accident – Richard’s Story, Tanzania | Human Rights Watch
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Witness: A Boy's Mining Accident – Richard’s Story, Tanzania

Richard, 11 years old at the time, was down in the gold mine pit when he heard his friends yelling for him to get out. Before he could react, he saw the landslide – caused by a collapsed wall – rushing toward him. The earth rammed into him and buried him up to his chest.

International Human Development Indicators - UNDP
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A home health care worker provides a woman with her HIV medication. In many parts of Tanzania, women living with HIV face barriers to accessing contraception.

In Tanzania, a Tale of Two (Or More) Clinics - PAI

Harubu is an HIV-positive woman living in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. She receives her antiretroviral treatment from an HIV/AIDS care and treatment center with assistance from a home-based care provider. Like millions of women around the world, Harubu also needs access to contraceptives, so that she can protect herself from unwanted pregnancy. But the health worker who …

In Scramble for Land, Oxfam Says Ugandans Were Pushed Out -
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In Scramble for Land, Oxfam Says Ugandans Were Pushed Out -

Obama - energy access in Africa