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Biltong Packets with Springbok Rugby Bag Toppers

Biltong Packets with Springbok Rugby Bag Toppers

Vet Pret! Springbok Rugby Party

Cute Springbok Rugby Party - love the way this table is set up for a rugby themed birthday celebration. Especially the DIY field table cloth. Too cute

beautiful mason jar wedding centerpieces ideas

Cheap and versatile for DIY crafts projects, mason jars have become the range for rustic and vintage weddings. Mason jar crafts can make for such beautiful mason jar centerpieces, candle holders, lanterns, aisle chair.

Great quote about being with your spouse through the thick and the thin.

Thank you for being there always! Marriage Quote - A strong marriage requires loving your spouse even in those moments when they aren't being lovable; it means believing in them even when they struggle to believe in themselves.

Marriage Box-I couldn't have said it better myself.

Marriage Box: Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for. The truth is that marriage at the start is an empty box.