Club Mykonos Langebaan

Welcome to Greece on the West Coast! Club Mykonos is located on the shores of the magical Langebaan Lagoon. This Greek themed resort has everything that you .

Club Mykonos Harbour Langebaan

Aerial view of Club Mykonos Harbour Langebaan taken with a GoPro camera mounted on a Hexacopter.

Club Mykonos Langebaan Resort

The shores of the magical Langebaan Lagoon are the gateway to the vitality and hospitality of the Greek way of life, right in South Africa. Join us for endle.

Engel van my hart. - Chanté en Piesang (haar sang onderwyser), via YouTube.

Engel van my hart.

Silver Falcons (A Silver Summer)

Its April 2012 and already Winter is making its way to the West Coast of South Africa. This video is a tribute to the past few months and something to rememb.

Silver Falcons (Mykonos Off-Shore Regatta 2012)

Silver Falcons (Mykonos Off-Shore Regatta

Silver Falcons (PiecesOfSilver)

I had actually hoped to have this video finished in time for the anniversary of the Silver Falcons Display on 24 November but thanks to trying.

jetski gp800r wave ride

wave ride with wetbikes 2 x at club mykonos langebaan

Silver Falcons (The3Ship)

This is the counterpart, or sequel, to the "Synchro Pair" movie. Once again, the idea was to show a specific maneuver from as many different perspectives as .

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