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What a great idea from Lori and her husband!   "My husband made this fruit basket thing to free up some counter space. More room now for all my THM supplies! Lol!" - Lori C.
Industrial Pipe Wood Shelving - wondering if I can make this myself as a clothing rack...
Moyenne chêne teinté récupéré pin échafaudage et galvanisé acier tube fixé au mur et plancher permanent industriel Chic Dressing Room armoire
turn bedroom into closet .. make an extra room for this!! oh love it so much.. my own walk in closet hahah
I love the look of this piping suspended from the ceiling, and that becoming the rack. Perhaps we could use steel or titanium piping?
Grunden till nya klädkammaren är äntligen på plats.      Walk-in closet. Wardrobe. Klädkammare. Klädförvaring. Algot Ikea.
What a cool idea for a room with no closet. Pick a small wall and make one! Just better keep it neat!
I love the open closet idea. In an inclosed closet things get shoved to the back and I forget I have them.
How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen Thinking of ways to enhance your backyard? Then build an outdoor kitchen! This is not an over-the-weekend project… it’s going to take a couple of hard weekends to complete. But we’re sure it will be worth the effort.