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Little ballerina

Little ballerina - this is actually really good for a little kid! As a teacher, I'm jealous!

Cocar Mongol

One of the most colorful and original items of Mongolian national dress is the traditional head wear. The Mongolian headdresses differs in shape and purpose. by callie

She's the daughter of ravens

traditionally precious metals and stones are the main store of wealth for nomadic tibetan people, because families must frequently move with changing seasons, and an easily transported form of wealth is necessary.

Woman from Tibet

thisbeadifulworld: vesivett: Sichuan Khampa (via miss-mary-quite-contrary) She is a true beauty.this Tibetian woman…

Mongolia...Tribal nomad people

WOW ~ Tibetan man in traditional clothing and jewelry. It is traditional for Tibetan men to wear extravagant jewelry About Face,Anthropological,Faces of the World,Global People & Adornements,People all over the world