Cornelia le Roux

Cornelia le Roux

Cornelia le Roux
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How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens  DIY. Bobbles on the reverse side, these would make great dusting mitts.

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens – DIY -> make a hedgehog and an otter one for each hand and you've got John and Sherlock! now to find an otter mitten pattern… <-the hedgehog would have to be for the right hand, because John is Sherlock's right hand man :)

This Cheerful Knit Monster and His Zippy Doodads Will Have You Smiling For Days …

This is knit perfection on so many levels — from the rainbow legwarmers to the roller skates to the unicorn helmet – I AM IN LOVE! Inspiring work from Camp Happy Heart Fibre Arts – connect with the m

#DIY T-Shirt Scarf // #Upcycle This! 15 Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

This is a quick easy way to make a summer scarf from an old t shirt! Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a fabric fringe scarf in under 5 minutes by not sewing with scissors and t shirt. Inspired by clothes & accessories.


Make your own quick and simple hooded tube scarf to wear in the winter with this free easy sewing pattern. The hooded tube scarf serves as both a hood and a scarf for optimal warmth when you need it.