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an ancient statue of the egyptian god tutane
Egypt Museum
Marble Bust of Thutmose III from Deir el-Bahri This bust was found at Deir el-Bahri in two pieces. The head that you see here is original and was found during excavations in 1964.
an ancient statue is shown in front of a building
two stone statues sitting on top of a dirt field
Double statue of Ramesses II and the goddess Sekhmet. Founded in Buto city (Pharaohs' Mound) near the city of Desouk, east of Alexandria in the Nile Delta of Egypt.
an old book with writing on it sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall
Writing board | Middle Kingdom | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Writing board, ca. 1981–1802 B.C. Egypt. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Edward S. Harkness, 1928 (28.9.4) | Gessoed boards were used for writing notes or school exercises. Like the slate writing tablets of yesteryear, they could be used repeatedly, with old texts being whitewashed to provide a “clean slate” for another.
a group of figurines are sitting in a boat
Early Ancient Egyptian boat models were made of papyrus reeds. 🌹
two large columns with egyptian writing on them
Karnak Temple Columns by Michelle Mcmahon
Karnak temple columns Hieroglyphic..Luxor Egypt
an egyptian statue is shown against a black background
Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus lid, 1080-720 BC.
an egyptian statue in front of the great temple at abut el - khub
Amazing Photographs of Egypt
Temple of Karnak, Egypt
an ancient bask with egyptian writing on it
The Ancient Way of Life
~Stele of Setau Decorated with Three Rows of Depictions. Place: Ancient Egypt Date: 14th century BC Material: sandstone
two small figurines sitting on top of a glass table next to each other
Ancient Egypt
The earliest 3-D images of humans from ancient Egypt have been found in graves of the Predynastic Naqada period, ca.5000- 3100 BCE. Female bone figurine. Naqada I. 4000-3600 BCE. Egypt. BM
an ornate building with many windows and statues
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Cathedral de Notre Dame de Reims, France. Built in the early 1200s.
an assortment of ancient artifacts displayed on a red cloth
Fort Ancient bone, shell, teeth, and pottery artifacts, from Kentucky and Ohio. Prehistoric Native American American Indian arrowheads