One dessert that follows me wherever I go, similar to how I get haunted by red velvet cake, is this one here. Cape Dutch in origin and one of the few Afrikaner foods that wasn’t taken from Ca…

Traditional South Africa Malva pudding

I have been stuck on one favourite rusk recipe forever (which I will do a post about because they are amazing and I have to share), but last week  I came across this recipe in 'Home Bakes' which se...

bran and muesli buttermilk rusks with seeds

Try this delicious healthy rusks recipe made with bran, muesli seeds, and other baking recipes on Drizzle and Dip.

South African Dessert: Malva Pudding

South African Dessert: Malva Pudding: Malva pudding, a traditional South African dessert covered with custard

Outydse Mosbolletjies  Lekkerste bolletjies met nostalgie Boerekos Resepte

500 g Rosyne (met pitte) liter koppies) Water ½ koekie gis (droog of saamgepers) of ml ( ½ eetl) aktiewe droë …