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Clarissa Strauss
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Wow what an insightful read. Everyone needs to read these. Life lessons to be learnt right there!

Hoy, dos familias se convertirá en uno. Por favor, elija un asiento, no un lado

Pick a seat, not a side - Funny wedding sign welcoming the guests: "Today, two families will become one. Please pick a seat, not a side." Auclair (i had seen this one before)

Morse Code for Kids and Morse Code Alphabet | Ency123 - Learn, Create, Have Fun

In an American artist sailed home from Europe. He had spent some time painting in Europe and hoped to sell his pictures when he arrived home. His name was Samuel Morse. The journey on the ship was to change Samuel Morse’s life.

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More like I shouldn't have eaten that. I'm a fat whale still as u can see in one of my recent posts of me. I deserve not to eat anything and I would eat nothing if it weren't so noticeable

There is something about overexcited birds in the morning...they're annoying AF

I do not need an alarm clock between the crows, Ravens, Robin's and turkeys, it is rare to sleep past AM.