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Chocolate Mousse

this is a really easy recipe to make delicious chocolate mousse that everyone will love

Luna: A Lantern That Looks Like a Moon

Where was this for The Moon and Me . Enter Luna, a little ball of light designed to look like the moon. Luna can illuminate your home, providing a thought-provoking ambiance. It’s made of glass fiber and non-toxic latex, with luminosity ranging from to

This is the night sky version of the underwater room from Mermaids. I always wanted to do that when I was a kid.

Astrostar Astro Star Laser Projector Cosmos Light Lamp in Musical Instruments & Gear, Stage Lighting & Effects, Other Stage Lighting & Effects

Spy Earpiece - A secret conversation anywhere  #spy #earpiece #gadgets

Become an excellent spy with this spy earpiece. Nobody will notice that you are having a secret conversation.

Picture of The Ultimate FM Transmitter  (Long Range Spybug)

Instructable - The Ultimate FM Transmitter (Long Range Spybug)

Lie detector built into an altoids tin Every parent should have one...

How to make a portable handy lie detector in Altoid tin ML: It could be an important tool, but remember, it may not work with politicians asking for shelter, they are pro liers.

MintyBeam: Bug a room and transmit voice over a laser beam (also a Super Spy Ear/Stethoscope)

MintyBeam: Bug a Room and Transmit Voice Over a Laser Beam (also a Super Spy Ear/Stethoscope): 9 Steps

Ex-CIA Operative reveals never-before-exposed secrets of survival.

Ex-CIA Operative reveals by no means-earlier than-uncovered secrets and techniques of survival….

I am reading what is now my #1 survival book, his recommendations are ideas I had not even considered. Particularly the make of the door locks that are garbage. Chapters on situational awareness.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life Deluxe: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected by Jason Hanson

My neighbor, the Army Ranger, is CIA. The CIA is a Ben Beckmann group. They are enemies of Dave. They are 1 of the ppl putting toxins in my food drink. I need to work to close a position in NC and move quickly. The CIA Lockpicking Manual

The CIA Lockpicking Manual by Central Intelligence Agency, Hardcover