this is a beautiful piece of Biltong

Biltong is as South African as can be and we pay a fortune for our weekly biltong with the big match. Here is a simple biltong recipe which is really not c.

Mealie-pap tart

Make sure you have an authentic South African side on Braai (BBQ) Day with this more-ish mielie pap tart recipe.


Chakalaka - (South African spicy tomato, pepper and onion dish) Born in the townships of South Africa, chakalaka is a simple, spicy dish of onions, tomatoes and often beans.

This orange-infused chicken works well in the oven but it is also a delightful potjie-kos meal to which you can add many ingredients to expand on the basic recipe.

Cranberry sauce, onion soup mix, French dressing, and orange juice make a wonderful sauce for the chicken in this casserole recipe.


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