Smoothies and smoothie bowl recipes

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Recipes from my breakfast table

Claire Gunn Photography
Blackberry and coconut yinyang bowl

Visual artist

I dreamt about this blackberry yinyang smoothie bowl... I had it sitting in my list of 'foods to make' for over a week before all the conditions came together and I could spend some time…

guava, coconut cream and raspberry smoothie bowl by claire gun

Visual artist

I always wanted to be a market chef - drawing inspiration from whatever is seasonal and brought to the local market by the farmers. Saturday in Cape Town means a trip to the Oranjezicht City…

Peanut butter, banana and raspberry shake by claire gunn

Visual artist

The combination of raspberries and cream is so luxurious. The tart berries and creamy coconut work perfectly together and the nutty middle layer makes this like a cream pie. Enjoy! Peanut butter, raspberry and vanilla…

Creamy berry and banana bowl by claire gunn

Visual artist

A pink berry smoothie bowl for breakfast is a sure-fire way to cheer you up. I was inspired by these beautiful flowers I collected in the Company Gardens on my morning jog. The pink and white…

mango, mint and turneric smoothie by claire gunn

Visual artist

I wanted to make a refreshing drink like a traditional mango lassi - but without dairy. Mango and lime are so beautiful together... But turmeric - that is the magic ingredient here. What's great about…

Chocolate and matcha smoothie bowl by claire gunn (

Visual artist

I do rather enjoy playing with my food. I had an idea for for the colours and aesthetics of this piece before I had the idea for the flavours and precious ingredients. Perhaps, just like…