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My Garden

Collection by Claire Grant


The plants I love growing in my garden.

Claire Grant
Zantedeschia aethiopica has taken off in our garden recently, we planted one and the dogs dug it up, but a few months later we found it has distributed itself all over the surrounding area and is now looking very healthy. Zantedeschia Aethiopica, Green Leaves, Pure Products, Healthy, Garden, Dogs, Flowers, Plants, Garten

Zantedeschia aethiopica (Family: Araceae)

Rhizomatous geophyte, 60-100cm with plain green leaves and large pure white funnel-shaped flowers.

I love Tulbaghia violacea for bordering flower beds, but also surprisingly not as drought resistant as you would think. Bulbous Plants, Flower Beds, Roots, Garden, Flowers, Garten, Lawn And Garden, Gardens, Gardening

Tulbaghia violacea (Family: Alliaceae)

Tulbaghia violacea is a fast-growing, bulbous plant, The leaves are long, narrow, strap-like, slightly fleshy and smell strongly of garlic when bruised. They grow from fat, tuberous roots which spread to form clumps of plants.

Tecoma capensis is a fantastic shrub or hedging bush. We have them in all sort of colours and they are very rewarding to grow. Medicinal Plants, Fast Growing, Shrubs, Homesteading, Medicine, Remedies, Trees, African, Colours

Tecoma capensis (Family: Bignoniaceae)

Fast growing, scrambling shrub.

Orbea variegata is such an interesting plant but ours refuses to flower, I think maybe it feels a bit neglacted in it's current position. Green And Grey, Perennials, Feels, Garden, Flowers, Plants, Garten, Lawn And Garden, Gardens

Orbea variegata (Family: Asclepiadaceae)

Orbea variegata is a leafless, glabrous, clump-forming succulent perennial. The four-angled stems are usually prominently sharp-toothed, with a soft tip, grey green mottled purple in full sun. Each stem can reach over 25 cm. Starfish-like flower with a light carrion smell,pale greenish-yellow with dark purple-brown spots.

Mackaya bella was also a surprise when it did well, but given a shady it's happy and flowers very well. Small Trees, Green Leaves, Shrubs, Garden, Happy, Flowers, Plants, Beautiful, Garten

Mackaya bella (Family: Acanthaceae)

Mackaya bella is a beautiful shrub or small tree with slender branches bearing dark green leaves. The leaves are simple and oppositely arranged.

Leonotis leonurus is great for attracting wildlife to the garden, but not as waterwise as you would exxpect it to be. How To Attract Birds, Water Wise, Shrubs, Wildlife, Garden, Flowers, Plants, Garten, Lawn And Garden

Leonotis leonurus (Family: Lamiaceae)

A robust shrub which grows up to 2-3m tall and 1.5m wide. This is an excellent plant for attracting wildlife to your garden as the flowers profuse copious nectar which attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Indigofera jucunda survives in our garden but never looks like it's florishing, it does flower however, but is not as pretty as it could be. Small Trees, Shrubs, Pink Flowers, Survival, Garden, Pretty, Plants, Garten, Lawn And Garden

Indigofera jucunda (Family: Fabaceae)

A dainty-looking small tree or shrub which bears sprays of showy pink flowers.

Hymenolepis parviflora is one of our favorites. Such a rewarding plant, with it's pretty needle-like foliage and yellow flowers. It fast growing and loves being pruned back hard to make it bushier for the next year. Fast Growing, Yellow Flowers, Green Leaves, Shrubs, Green And Grey, Landscape, Garden, Pretty, Plants

Hymenolepis parviflora (Family: Asteraceae)

A soft shrub with finely divided, needle-like, grey-green leaves and masses of small, golden yellow, sweetly scented flowers.

I planted a small Freylinia lanceolata last year and it hasn't gown too much, so will wait and see. Shrubs, Gown, Garden, Flowers, Plants, Ballroom Dress, Garten, Robe, Lawn And Garden

Freylinia lanceolata (Family: Scrophulariaceae)

Shrub growing as high as 4.5m and spreading to 4.5m. Honey-fragranced flowers are borne through most of the year with the main times being winter and spring.

Euryops virgineus is a really pretty bush but relatively short-lived and tends to get leggy as it gets older and we found it didn't really like pruning. Evergreen Shrubs, Getting Old, Pretty, Flowers, Plants, Lawn And Garden, Getting Older, Plant, Royal Icing Flowers

Euryops virgineus (Family: Asteraceae)

A much-branched evergreen shrub, with bright yellow, daisy-shaped, sweet-scented flowers.

Eriocephalus africanus is recommended in traditional practice as a diuretic for the treatment of oedema, as a remedy for gynaecological and gastric disorders, as a diaphoretic and haemostatic. Diuretic, Medicinal Plants, Shrubs, Disorders, Homesteading, Trees, African, Traditional, Cooking

Eriocephalus africanus (Family: Asteraceae)

Twiggy shrub to 1m with tufts of narrow, sometimes forked, silvery-silky leaves. Bears small, flat-topped clusters of conspicuously radiate flowerheads at the branch tips, with blunt, white rays.

I'm surprised that Erica caffra has done so well in our garden, maybe the clay soil retains enough moisture, but it has survived our hot and dry conditions for many years now. Clay Soil, Small Trees, White Flowers, Hot, Garden, Plants, Garten, Lawn And Garden, Gardens

Erica caffra (Family: Ericaceae)

An upright bush or a small tree 3-4m high, with with bell-shaped white flowers and needle shaped leaves.

Erica baccans must be one of the toughest ericas and has survived our clay soils for many years now. Clay Soil, Shrubs, Berries, Rose, Garden, Flowers, Plants, Pink, Garten

Erica baccans (Family: Ericaceae)

An erect, woody, densely branched, strong-growing shrub reaching an average height of 1–2 m. Older specimens may reach a height of over 2.5 m. It produces masses of tiny, pink, berry-shaped flowers.

Dietes grandiflora is a fantastic rewarding water-wise plant. It divides rapidly and we have been able to dig up clumps to populate other bare spots. Water Wise, Evergreen, Perennials, Garden, Plants, Garten, Lawn And Garden, Gardens, Plant

Dietes grandiflora (Family: Iridaceae)

A perennial, evergreen plant which grows up to 1.5m in large clumps.

Dietes bicolor is very pretty but does like it's water and although will probably survive a dry spell, it looks quite miserable. Green Leaves, Perennials, Garden, Water, Pretty, Flowers, Plants, Gripe Water, Garten

Dietes bicolor (Family: Iridaceae)

A clump-forming rhizomatous perennial plant with long sword-like pale-green leaves. The adult plant is approximately 1m wide and 1m tall. The flowers are yellow with three dark purple spots, each surrounded by an orange outline.

Crotalaria capensis is a fantastic pioneer plant and was one of the first plants we put in when we started our new garden. It's fast growing, water-wise and gets covered in lovely yellow flowers. Fast Growing Shrubs, Pea Flower, Water Wise, Small Trees, Yellow Flowers, Garden, Plants, Garten, Lawn And Garden

Crotalaria capensis (Family: Fabaceae)

Pretty, fast growing shrub / small tree. Produces showy spikes of yellow pea flowers.