Dodgson nodded knowingly. As a child he had suffered from a bad case of flu and in his fever dreams witnessed visions so frighteningly real, he had awoken to find his hands bloody, clutching some alien substance, rather like fur. In his 20′s his schooling had suffered as his flights of fancy and an obsession to comprehend this formative experience led him to electric shock treatment and opium.

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“It” being the thing once witness by Dodgson, one evening, after many days without sleep, when his thoughts had pondered the slight irregularity in the mirror above his fire place. As his mind wandered, the surface had rippled, its perspective peculiar, as though the very glass had peered at him. As he peered back, the reflection swelled and folded, and allowed him to glimpse beyond.

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Henry began tinkering and explaining as he did so. ” I worked with a few men, good men, none of them dreamers. I felt I had something of a connection with these beasts, I could feel when they were in tune, working, purring almost!” He chuckled to himself as he closed the housing, directing Dodgson to a pile of equipment he wished placed within the triangular formation.

“One day” he said gravely “it felt very wrong, I had been calibrating the triplets and I had a sense of unease, thoughts popped into my mind, you know, memories of dreams I’d had as a child, they started to clarify, almost as though the energy shared by the triplets was focusing my thoughts

Henry offered Charles not only a modicum of relief, having seen this place himself, but also a conduit for analysis and consideration of what that “other place” was. They began to formulate a plan, to not only open a semi permanent gate, but to explore it.

Having noticed bizarre changes to barometric pressure there, and also a tendency for both gravity and light to distort, thus inducing nausea, they designed specific apparatus to allow themselves to withstand their journey. A few months later and a plan was set.

He closed the grand doors behind them and ushered him into a large room, three imposing shapes covered with tarpaulins lay before them. He removed them in a flurry of dust and awe to reveal the blackened iron edifices of the Triplets . They were an ominous sight, towering at nine feet each. Their innards lay bare, reels of copper wire sprawling like intestines on to the floor, attached to a series of hand cranks.

Henry called for a carriage and they made their way to a disused factory complex on the outskirts of Hackney. Dodgson stood and contemplated what lay ahead as Henry heaved open great rusted doors, He exclaimed “about five years ago I was commissioned by the British government to construct a series of large electromagnetic coils, coils that could generate fields that disrupted other electrical current. A weapon, if you will, against the rise of the lightning age!”

– i felt almost assured that these memories, fantastical visions – were not dreams at all, but realities, glimpses. And in a moment of epiphany, i saw the world around me melt away, almost like someone blew out a candle. seconds later, I was there.”

That event had also triggered a life long train of thought, a hypothesis – that not only did planes without surfaces exist, coiled up in quantum voids, accessible via esoteric forms of physics, but also a distinct link between certain brain disorders and an ability to not only see, but pass between the veil that separates us from it.

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