And now for some DROE WORS (dried suasage), a popular South African snack, this one made of venison.

And now for some DRY WORS, a popular South African snack, this one made of venison. Lexi Mills says it's one of the top 10 foods she and other South African expats miss

Souskluitjies: Traditional South African dessert dumplings with a sugary cinnamon butter sauce (from The Food Box)

Souskluitjies : South African comfort food (feather light dumplings in a buttery sweet cinnamon sauce)

South African Mealie-pap tart.........grits for the Americans! :). It's really delish with lamb chops, steak and bratwurst fried on a BBQ.

Paptert:Make sure you have an authentic South African side on Braai Day with this moreish mielie pap tart recipe.

Amarula Cheescake

Amarula Cheesecake

Amarula has hints of chocolate, vanilla and caramel, Once I tried it, I knew I had to experiment with it and created a decadent cheesecake.

South Africa - Bunny Chow - More of my favorite food

An A-Z Guide to Traditional South African Food


Bobotie- classic South African dish, a more glamourous spicy version of shepherd's pie, with egg and milk instead of mash.

Koeksusters or cook sisters !!! One of the Many many South African foods I miss!

Koeksusters or cook sisters

koeksusters [cook-sisters] - deep fried, syrup-soaked, not-quite-doughnuts, not-quite-fritters.

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