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Go for a grey sportcoat and black chinos to create a smart casual look. A pair of brown leather brogues will seamlessly integrate within a variety of outfits.

Hillary’s supporters also riot and burn down neighborhoods. There's even a group of her supporters that murder gays and behead "infidels."

I tried to be very careful with political comments until Clinton called millions of Americans "deplorable." This coming from someone in bed with our enemies, who let men die, lied just about everything, and clearly cares more for power than Americans.

liberal hypocrisy

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY The persecution of Christians in America is a sad thing. Hypocrisy at work people! It is time to do something about this while there is still a little hope this country is savable, but we have to do it quick!

Do you think this man went into a gun store, filled out the paperwork for a background check, and was approved to purchase a gun? Don't think so....but stealing the guns from someone else is most likely the case. Criminals don't follow the law! Good people with guns can stop bad people with guns....let us remember that!

Do you think this man went into a gun store, filled out the paperwork for a…

Truth. Ask Amarosa.

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for 30 years and he was never accused of being racist until he decided to go up against the Democrats.

Three successive designs served as the official national flag of the Confederate States of America (the "Confederate States" or the "Confederacy") during its existence from 1861 to