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Așa cum am promis, ziua de Joi este ziua idiomurilor amuzante. Astăzi am ales idiomul "to knock somebody's socks off - to impress somebody". Example: She knocked my socks off when she told me she got the job at the Embassy.

Food Idioms Infographic

Most languages have idiomatic expressions about food, and English is no exception. Learn English Idioms - idioms and sayings about food.

A useful idiom from last week's notes.

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They got their wires crossed. Meaning: they misunderstood each other. #idiom #english

get your wires crossed: when two people have a different understanding of the same situation and do not understand each other correctly. Somehow we got our wires crossed, because I wrote down the and you the (hacerse un lio / no entenderse)

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English : Eye Idioms for ESL/ESOL or introducing idioms to native language (English) speakers.