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Are you leading your company in the best way? Make sure you have these traits of a #greatboss

No one can say for sure what makes a great boss, but here are 12 outstanding personality traits of a great boss in this infographic. Read it, like a boss.

THE BEST MAKEUP BRUSHES GUIDE: rounded up the best and most helpful beauty brushes and makeup tools every girl needs in her arsenal. Here you'll learn how to use each tool and what makeup to use with it. Click through to see beauty tutorials that teach you the best way to apply makeup and use these must-have brushes including a foundation brush, beauty blender, powder brush, angled blush brush, concealer brush, blender brush, eyeshadow brush, and more.

12 Makeup Brushes You Need and Exactly How to Use Them - They come in different shapes and sizes for a reason! Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Infographic: Boss vs Leader // something I believe in and have experienced firsthand.

M) LEADERSHIP: Infographic: Boss vs Leader // something I believe in and have experienced firsthand.

A depiction of the ideal leader. Not one whom sits down and gives commands, but one who takes action and helps as well(This should be posted in all workplaces).

" People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives. " - Theodore Roosevelt Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Be a Leader Good staff development? Read individually, and then group brainstorm ways to make it happen!

Food for thought. Think of the difference between a bossy ~boss and a successful leader.

Dream and Goal Inspirations

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Man Cave!... To be honest I would want this.. To watch all my shows at once lol

For Corey's man cave in the garage. I would choose Lions, but this is still a pretty sweet man cave.***A custom carpet for a Cowboys fan (© Eric Wilde)