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The Voortrekker Monument: Dolos, koeksisters & SA pride - The monument, designed “…to stand for 1000 years …” was inaugurated on December 16 1949 to honour the less than 500 pioneers who held off an attack by 10000 of King Dingane’s warriors in 1838. It became known as the Battle of Blood River & December 16 the Day of the Vow (now Reconciliation Day) because the Voortrekkers promised God that should they be victorious, they would observe the day as one of thanksgiving.


Mandela - Conversations with Myself - this book was compiled by the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Centre of Memory and Dialogue from priceless material held in the elder statesman’s personal archives. Here the reader will get a glimpse of the man behind the leader and international icon, from previously unavailable material such as private recorded conversations, journal entries, interview transcripts and draft speeches. #mandela #southafrica #books


Qunu: Home village of Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela The small village of Qunu lies in South Africa’s Wild Coast region of the Eastern Cape, an area known for its unspoilt beauty, rolling green hills and pristine beaches. Qunu is also the home village of the much-loved and venerated Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first democratically elected president and the Eastern Cape’s favourite son.


Blood River Heritage site, KwaZulu Natal affords you... the opportunity to have... your families’... details engraved on the Wall of Remembrance... Anyone who feels associated with the Covenant & wants to live out the full meaning thereof is invited to take part... Granite stones 300mm wide, 150mm high and 50mm thick are available, on which your name or other particulars will be engraved... it will be placed on the Wall of Remembrance at the Blood River Heritage site.


The Cape of Good Hope: South Africa has a rich and colourful history but there was a landmark event that occurred in 1652. Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East India Company, was commissioned to establish a halfway station for ships traveling from Europe to Asia so that they could get fresh water and food. This halfway station is today known as Cape Town and is the oldest city in South Africa.


Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory: In partnership with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, the Google Cultural Institute has helped to bring Nelson Mandela's archive online. The multimedia archive includes Mr Mandela’s correspondence with family, comrades and friends, diaries written during his 27 years of imprisonment, and notes he made while leading the negotiations that ended apartheid in South Africa. March 2012.


Stephen Bantu Biko

Born in King William's Town in the Eastern Cape Province on December Stephen Bantu Biko's early life was modest. His main pre-occupation was the pursuit of academic excellence, which was in line with his father's expectations. | They put Afrika on the map

I was with my grandparents this morning and we were discussing the events in North Africa and my grandmother mentioned that Nelson Mandela had been hospitalized. My grandfather brought up Steve Biko, someone who I had never heard of, and said how he helped to inspire many young South Africans, during the apartheid period, to rise up and demand their rights to live decently and with dignity. Steve Biko was kind of the Malcolm X of South Africa

The arts: Wings of the Shechinah, Spirit and Bones - A major South African artist Herman Wald will have his biggest exhibition in Cape Town, 42 years after his death. The digital-age retrospective will also break new ground in the Arts market, offering online global access to the entire catalogue. The exhibition, Wings of the Shechinah - The Sculptural Art of Herman Wald, opens at the South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town on 20 February & runs until 15 July 2012.