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SA Food & Recipes

With various cultural influences at play, South Africa has a great deal of exciting food to offer. #recipes #cooking #food #southafrica
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Peri Peri Chicken Livers: South Africa has a large Portuguese community which is famous for its amazing foods. We’re also home to a “peri peri” fast food chain that brings Portuguese cooking to the man in the street. The best part about this “fast food” is that it’s said to be the healthiest of all the on-the-go foods we get here, with flame grilled chicken and a variety of salads on offer. #cooking #recipes #food #southafrica


Pumpkin fritters: A firm local favourite. Pumpkin fritters are a delicious South African dish, quick to make and with the flavour of traditional South African food. Influences on South African food are wide and varied including Dutch, French, Portuguese, French, Malay, Moroccan and Indian. #cooking #food #recipes #southafrica #pumpkins


South Africa - Biltong, known elsewhere in the world as jerky. (Meat, seasoned and dried.)


Koeksisters are a South African syrup-coated twisted doughnut that originally come from the Cape Malay community. The Afrikaners have a slightly different koeksuster recipe that is more crispy and sweeter with more syrup on them.


Bunny Chow and Its Durban Curry

Bunny Chow: "...during the Great Depression Indians, whites & Chinese in Durban suffered hunger... The cheapest curry was made by an Indian caste known in Durban slang as the Bania. Kids took to hollowing out a 1/4 loaf & getting the seller to put the curry into it. They then used the bread they'd taken out as an eating utensil. Chinese food was called "chow"... the two words came together: Bania Chow... With time it became simply, Bunny Chow." #cooking #recipes #food #southafrica #bunnychow


Locals love oxtail stew. Most South Africans who love oxtail stew serve it with the bone in, but you can easily remove the bones from the meat before serving. #food #cooking #recipes #southafrica #oxtail #stew


Bobotie. This is a traditional South African minced meat dish, slightly sweet and lightly curried. A Cape Malay recipe, it is a firm favourite across the country - and with visitors lucky enough to get a taste of it! #cooking #recipes #food #southafrica #capemalay


South African Rusks. A rusk is a very hard and very dry biscuit that was often made by the Dutch travelers. They are very much without moisture and as such will travel well. #cooking #recipes #food #southafrica #rusks


South Africa fruit chutney: South Africans love chutney, whether it’s the famous “Mrs Ball’s” that now sells in “expat” stores around the globe; the chutney flavoured crisps; crispy chutney chicken; or a dollop of fruit chutney to complement a curry, we’re all crazy for the stuff. #cooking #recipes #food #southafrica #chutney


We’re making Soetkoekies in SA today! Soetkoekies (“soet” means “sweet” and “koekies”, surprisingly, “cookies”) are traditional South African biscuits of Dutch origin. Made with port and almonds, these delicious treats take 10 minutes to cook. Surprise your family with a South African special!