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Afrikaans - translation: "Weather prediction: If the rock moves - there is wind. If the rock is wet - it has rained. If the rock is white - it has snowed. If the rock is not visible - it is night. If the rock is gone - it has been stolen.

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Jy weet nooit hoe sterk jy is nie, totdat sterk wees jou enigste opsie is.

Maak jouself tuis begin sommer met die skottelgoed

This is my mantra, its in Afrikaans - I say it in a semi ironic way - it means loosely figure it out, don't walk away, get it done - real translation 'A Farmer makes a Plan'

We have a new supplier at Vamp called 'Boerdha Ontwerp'! Boerdha Ontwerp is the love child of husband-and-wife team Jan and Elsmie Otto.

What I am is just Merci.  What I have is just borrowed...

What I am is just Merci. What I have is just borrowed.

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