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Rhodesian Leaders - Window on Rhodesia

Leaders of Rhodesia from 1890 The Founder The Rt. Hon. Cecil John Rhodes P.C. D.C.L. Prime Minister of Cape Colony ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cecil John Rhodes 1853 – 1902 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . First Rhodesian Council 1899 . … Read More

The Rhodesian Bush War - also called the Second Chimurenga and the Zimbabwe War of Liberation - was a civil conflict from July 1964 to December 1979 in the unrecognised country of Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe-Rhodesia).

Rhodesian Bush War in Photography - Page 8

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Rise O Voices Of Rhodesia - National Anthem

RIse O Voices Of Rhodesia

Former Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith, Zimbabwe, photograph by Chris Steele-Perkins. Douglas Smith, Ian Smith, Amazing People, Good People, Blue Lotus, Out Of Africa, Lest We Forget, All Nature, Ol Days

Former Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith, Zimbabwe, 1986, photograph by Chris Steele-Perkins.

Coat of arms of Zimbabwe

File:Coat of arms of Rhodesia.svg

History of armed forces domiciled in Rhodesia.


45-9mm-5-56mm: “ cumsoline: “ I did a thing. ”

Yolanda Kloppers, Miss South Africa aims pistol while visiting the troops of the Rhodesian

Yolanda Kloppers, Miss South Africa, visited the troops in Rhodesia, 1970s

Rhodesia: The Ultimate Photographic Resource! - Page 8 - The FAL Files Books To Read, My Books, Reality Of Life, Defence Force, All Nature, Reading Material, British Army, Special Forces, History Books

The FAL Files

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