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a statue of a woman in red dress holding a bow with two dolphins around her
Armani, Giuseppe (b,1935)- Diana (Woman w Bow) w Greyhound
a painting of a woman in white dress holding a bird on her shoulder and looking off to the side
with original energy
Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, 1900.
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground next to a deer with horns around her neck
diana, goddess of the moon
three different paintings on display with one being a woman and the other is a man
a bronze statue of a man with a bow and arrow next to a goat on a white background
All Sculptures, Garden Statues & Figurines |
a statue of a man riding on the back of a dog in front of a black background
Prints of Ancient Statue of the Goddess Artemis
the statue is standing on top of a rock with an arrow in it's hand
You belong to me now, and I to you
a statue of a woman holding an arrow on top of a brick platform in front of trees
In the Mood for doing Astrology Sessions!
two pictures of ancient greek statues, one with a bow and the other with a dog
Artemis: Goddess of the Woods by daughter, Jessica — TARALOMA
a statue of a woman holding a bow and arrow with a dog standing next to her may be for sale -