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how to make an origami triangle with the text overlay reading how to illustrated the triangle angle sum
Sum of all angles of a Triangle
a man leaning against a wall next to a black and white photo with the word's formula below it
Teorema de Pitágoras
a clock with numbers painted on it in the middle of a wall and an electrical outlet
a boat is going under an overpass in the middle of a river with people on it
3-Act Math – Easing the Hurry Syndrome
3-Act Math | Easing the Hurry Syndrome
two circles are shown with the same amount of dots in them
Bertrand's Paradox (with 3blue1brown) - Numberphile
Bertrand's Paradox (with 3blue1brown) - Numberphile - YouTube
Art, Military, History, War, Molde, Anarchism, Knowledge, Survival
Артиллерия - Как измерить угол
the diagram shows how to use an electric lawn mower for walking and pulling a cart
Ch. 1 Introduction to Science and the Realm of Physics, Physical Quantities, and Units - College Physics | OpenStax
Work: The Scientific Definition - College Physics - OpenStax
a woman climbing up the side of a rock wall with an arrow pointing to it
5: Further Applications of Newton's Laws: Friction, Drag, and Elasticity (Exercises)
three children with numbers on their faces and one child holding a sign that says, i wish
A Romantic Math Nerd... :)
a clock that has roman numerals on the face and numbers in different colors
Unit Circle Kit
Unit Circle Kit - I love the unit circle - it's SO useful!
a man sitting in front of a tv screen on top of a table with numbers
the words math written in white chalk on a blackboard with an image of two faces
Trust Me, I'm an "Engineer" on We Heart It