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German infantry resting during street fighting in Rostov-on-Don, July 1942

German Wehrmacht in the city of Rostov 1942 - the strategic point towards Caucasus and Volga River. Their facial expressions and personal weapons of choice tell everything about the 1942 summer offensive.

Site outside the Fuhrer bunker where the bodies of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were burnt (April 30, 1945)

Examination: LIFE correspondent Percy Knauth sifting through the dirt & debris in the shallow shell hole where the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun were thought to have been burned after their suicides, in the garden of the Reichstag

Hitlerjugend POW's. 1945.

Hitler Youth members pressed into army service are caught by the Americans. Any such youth over 15 was treated as regular soldier for POW purposes. Note the blond guy wearing a winter Waffen SS coat usually issued to officers only.

German soldiers in Poland 1939

German soldiers in Poland 1939 Wow. Ammo pouches and all. I must say though, BW is more emotionally ominous looking.

German assault team in the Stalingrad Tractor Factory in October 1942

German soldiers near the ruins of Stalingrad Tractor Factory. The site of bitter fighting throughout the battle. The tractor factory had b.

At the Tractor Factory, Stalingrad, October 1942

German soldiers near the destroyed Stalingrad Tractor Factory. A StuG III can be seen on the left.

Stalingrad. September, 1942.

Attacks in the southern sector at Stalingrad continue with heavy fighting reported. German forces approach "The Grain Elevator"