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21 escape room puzzles you can create at home for $10

32 escape room puzzles you can create at home for cheap! I love the escape room idea, especially the ciphers


UPDATE: Breakout EDU Games are now available in my store! Escape rooms are popping up all over the country, and if you haven't heard of them before, you are missing out on a.

Invisible Man DIY Costume

Invisible Man Costume - Halloween Costume Contest via

Jeff: I made this costume for my teenage daughter for her last night of trick-or-treats (she feels she is too old this year). You need a good quality sturdy box, A...

Carry Me in a Box DIY Illusion Costume - 2015 Halloween Costume Contest

Neha: This is an illusion costume where it looks like I am being carried by an old man in his backpack. My mom and I love to make illusion costumes (See...

Carried in a Backpack Illusion Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Illusion Halloween Costume Ideas

65 Coolest DIY Illusion Halloween Costumes the genie on a carpet is fantastic!

Escape Game rooms are now all over the world. You have to solve puzzles together with the others in a room to get out.

Escape Games are a fun critical thinking live challenge for adults and older children. Can you escape the locked room in time? Solve the puzzles to succeed.

Perfect 10 - Escape Room Waiting Room Puzzle

If you are looking for a more difficult puzzle for your Escape Room players to try while in your waiting room the Perfect 10 may be just what you are looking for. The perfect 10 adds a math twist to t

Lego puzzle box More

Lego puzzle box More

Get My Goat Sliding Puzzle - Escape Room Waiting Room Puzzles

A classic sliding puzzle where object is to move the Goat back into the cage. A fun item to leave out for your Escape Room participants as they hang out in your waiting room. This puzzle dates back to