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the interior of an office building with wooden walls and stairs leading up to two levels
Cocoon / Mochen Architects & Engineers
Cocoon / Mochen Architects & Engineers
the inside of a building with wooden walls and windows on each side, looking down at an open floor plan
Cocoon / Mochen Architects & Engineers
a large wooden structure sitting on top of a cement ground next to a palm tree
Loducca Agency / Triptyque
Loducca Agency - #architecture - ☮k☮ - #modern
looking up at the sky through two yellow structures
Tellus Nursery School – Tham & Videgård
#architecture #sweden #modern
an advertisement for a hotel with the words gamebook on it's front cover
H2 / 314 Architecture Studio
Cool #Modern Look
a very tall building with some stairs going up it's side in the sky
#architecture - ☮k☮ - #modern
a circular room with white and green accents in an office building that looks like a spiral staircase
atrium architecture, modern building, FUTURE architecture, futuristic architecture, modern architecture, futuristic building,future building