christo Vd westhuizen

christo Vd westhuizen

christo Vd westhuizen
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Skyrim Meme feat. Curaja by WhiteWings

Long and awesome meme was long and awesome. A labor of love for friends, watchers, and gamers alike. filled meme, Curaja, & herself © WhiteWings Sky.

Skyrim Meme by Vampirika on DeviantArt

Featuring Durza, for she is my favorite out of the several characters I have made in Skyrim. Need clarification on any panels?

Didn't notice all this in Skyrim? Well neither did I.

I noticed the Silver Hand thing, also they almost always have silver swords

Skyrim, introduce your dovahkiin

Skyrim Meme with Valkari by the-Orator on DeviantArt - Hilarious.

Skyrim Meme by on @deviantART

Gods, this took ages to make. I had fun though Skyrim (c) Bethesda Pyra (c) Skyrim Meme

TESV (1-1): Draw Me by RoslynnSommers on DeviantArt

Dang it, Cicero! You should know better than to offer assistance to the Listener! I would totally do this to him just to get a laugh!